Practice theory test for car drivers

Practice theory test for car drivers Warwickshire

The theory test consists of two parts namely, a 50-question  multiple choice section and a Hazard Perception test. In order to pass the  multiple choice section you must answer 43 or more questions correctly within  57 minutes. Questions are chosen at random and cover a range of subjects i.e.  traffic signs and regulations, car safety and the effect of alcohol and drug  consumption whilst driving. Questions are answered by using a touch screen  computer and mouse. You may skip questions and return to them later during the  test.

Immediately after the multiple choice section, follows the video-based Hazard Perception test. You will watch a series of 14 video clips  lasting one-minute, in which you must identify 15 hazards by using the mouse to  click on the screen when you spot a potential hazard developing. You can score  up to 5 points on each hazard, depending on how quickly you identify the  potential hazard. In order to pass this element of the theory test you need to  score 44 out of 75.

To pass the theory test successfully you need to pass both the multiple choice section and Hazard Perception test at the same time before  you can apply for your practical driving test. You will have to take both parts  again, if you pass one part and fail the other. In order to practise for your  theory test, you can practise online (Practice Test) or ask your  driving for a range of mock theory test papers or books that are available.

Driving Theory Test From Nuneaton to Warwick
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Recomended Reading List

Highway Code – How to Pass your Theory Test

(Paperback or CDROM).

A 2 Disc set including The New Hazard Perception Test.
Key Features:

  • Contains the entire official DSA Driving Theory Test Question Bank of over   1,000 questions.
    Over 280 video and photograph questions on observation and   common driving mistakes.
  • A ‘Hints’ section provides clues on how to remember the right answers.
  • ‘Virtual Exam Mode’ simulates the new style digital exam allowing you to sit   a realistic mock exam.
  • Progress monitor details your improvements and readiness for the   exam.
  • Detailed exam marking provides immediate feedback on your answers,   identifying your strengths and weaknesses.


  • All the locations of the 160 official DSA Touchscreen Driving Theory Test   Centres and 360 + Practical Exam Driving Test Centres for cars and bikes.
  • Plus a comprehensive databank of web links to all things motor related.

Theory  Test Centres

Warwick Gate (1st Floor), 21/22 Warwick Row, Coventry, Warwickshire, CV1 1ET
Stratford Upon Avon
Packwood House (2nd Floor), Guild Street, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire,  CV37 6R

Driving Theory Test From Nuneaton to Warwick
resent passes driving lessons

Driving Theory Test From Nuneaton to Warwick

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