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We normally offer both manual and automatic lessons and have qualified driving instructors in Coventry. Our friendly instructors will give you the wealth of experience to help you gain the confidence and easily understand how to pass your test as quickly as possible.


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Driving Lessons Terms & Conditions


To take on-road lessons, it is your responsibility to ensure   that you have the required licence to drive under the tuition of an Instructor.   In the UK, to take driving lessons in a motor vehicle, you must be at least 17   years old (unless you are disabled, in which case you must be at least 16 years   old) and hold a valid provisional driving licence. You will be asked by your   Instructor to show your provisional driving licence at your first lesson.

Driving Tuition

The Instructor shall provide you with driving tuition at   the rate per lesson communicated to you from time to time. For details of   current prices, please refer to our courses listing. Most lessons are scheduled to last an hour.

If you are taking on-road lessons, and your normal Instructor is unavailable   for any reason, the Instructor has the right to arrange for another Instructor   to provide some, or all of your on-road driving tuition.

If your Instructor   cannot arrange for an alternative Instructor to take your driving lesson, or in   the event of mechanical breakdown of the vehicle in which you have been learning   to drive, or for any other reason, the Instructor reserves the right to   rearrange a driving lesson to a time convenient to both you and the Instructor.

If you are taking on-road lessons, your Instructor will carry the appropriate   motor insurance should you cause an accident as a learner whilst driving the   Instructor’s tuition vehicle, whether you are accompanied by an Instructor or a   Driving Standards Agency Examiner.