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Intensive driving courses are very popular and are ideal for  those customers who want to learn to drive and pass as quickly as possible  without the need to take weekly lessons. It has been proved that the fastest  way for learners to learn to drive is through undertaking intensive driving  courses and passing the practical driving test in as little as a week.


Taking weekly lessons of only an hour or two never seems  enough for most people who are learning to drive. In order to achieve the  required test standard it may take months or sometimes even years. By  undertaking a One Week Pass Course with Crystal Driving   School you will be  trained efficiently over a few days to meet the standard required in your  practical driving test. The course is structured so that you will be taught all  driving skills covered by the DSA syllabus, including driving in all types of  traffic conditions and all the manoeuvres required for your practical driving  test. This way everything that you learn on the course remains fresh and  enables you to confidently pass the driving test in less than seven days if  your test is arranged for the end of the course.


At Crystal   Driving School  we offer a first class service to all our clients through our intensive  courses. We offer an extensive range of intensive courses to suit your  requirements and experience. We offer intensive driving courses over a range of  days normally two to five days. No matter whether you’re a beginner,  partly-trained or have just failed a test we can offer a course tailored to  your needs. Everything is arranged for you from the practical test centre to  the time and date of your test, enabling you to concentrate on your driving  lessons to achieve the required standard for your practical driving test. One  of our qualified driving instructors will take you on an assessment lesson in order to  find out which course best suits your needs.

Driving Theory Test From Nuneaton to Warwick
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Our One Week Pass Course normally starts on Sunday or Monday  and continues on to Friday taking into account your individual needs. We  therefore offer the opportunity to split the course over two weeks for extra  flexibility. Ideally this course is for customers who are in a hurry and who  could otherwise not find the time to take regular weekly lessons.

The practical driving test is usually organised to be taken   at the end of the week. Depending on your personal preference, we also offer  you the opportunity to take the driving test during the following week in order  to accommodate your individual needs to the best of our ability. In order to  avoid any disappointment of taking your practical driving test at the end of  the course it is advisable to book the course and pass the practical theory  test well in advance of the date you intend to start the course (i.e. at least  a minimum of one months notice). It is however possible to arrange a driving  test at short notice occasionally depending on availability.

Driving Theory Test From Nuneaton to Warwick
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Warwick Driving Course Details

This is a practical session concentrating on observation,  judgement and awareness eye contact, being cautious, but not unnecessarily   hesitant, keeping space around the car, multi-lane junctions and unusual   roundabouts, over – and underpasses, bus and cycle lanes.

All Weather Driving
This may be a theory session. The aim will be to   discuss safe driving in extreme weather and road conditions. Topics will   include: seeing and being seen, using appropriate lights, safe speed and    distances, anticipation, causes and how to correct skids.

Rural and Out – of Town Driving
This will be a practical session   featuring driving on all types of rural roads endeavouring to include:- bends,   hills and uneven road surfaces, safe overtaking. Observation and making progress safely, with   emphasis on: Farm entrances, animals and slow moving vehicles, mud on road,   sharp bends, use of horn/lights.

Night Driving
This will take place after lighting – up time. It will   cover: the correct use of lights, seeing and being seen familiarisation of reflective signs, markings, etc. judging speed and distance of self and others, adjusting to dusk and dawn (theory) being prepared for pedestrians and cyclists.

Dual Carriageway and Motoring Driving
Topics include:- effective   observation and use of mirrors/blind spots joining, and leaving carriageways   judgement and planning safe distances, overtaking and safe speeds in different   circumstances, signs, signals and road markings.

Driving Theory Test From Nuneaton to Warwick
resent passes driving lessons

Driving Theory Test From Nuneaton to Warwick

Weekly driving lessons in Warwickshire are one of the best ways to learn to drive as you can decide how much time you are able to dedicate enabling you to develop and maintain your driving skills.





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